DBT Services

DBT is helpful for anyone who wants to learn and use new life skills effectively. It can help you handle stressful situations, learn to manage your emotions, live in the moment, and have healthy relationships. This type of treatment will help you learn how to communicate and assert yourself when you need to. It will also help you cope with challenges and day to day stressors. These skills can help anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, trauma, and personality disorders.

DBT has four modules that are explored in order to help individuals achieve their goals. By developing skills within each of these four modules, people often experience success in making positive changes. While it’s easy to consider each of these modules individually, they should actually all work together to help individuals make complex changes to the ways they approach the outside world and handle internal turmoil.

Mindfulness is the first module and the core of DBT.  It teaches individuals how to increase awareness and live in the present moment without judgement.
Distress Tolerance  is the second module of DBT & explores how to tolerate painful experiences and stressors outside of your control while avoiding panic attacks and not making a crisis more difficult or less safe.
Emotion Regulation is the third module.  It is similar to distress tolerance but is focused inward.  Emotional Regulation explores ways to control overwhelming intense emotions so that individuals have command and peace in even the most difficult situations.
Interpersonal Effectiveness  is the final module of DBT & explores how to effectively communicate with others and set appropriate and healthy boundaries.

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