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Young adulthood is a time of growth, development, and excitement. Therapy during this time can help you cope with stress, adjust to new responsibilities, develop confidence, and define personal values.

If you are a college or graduate student, or someone in your early- to mid-twenties, you are most likely faced with many unique challenges. Although young adulthood is a time of excitement and growth, it can also feel overwhelming and hopeless at times. Our therapists are skilled and experienced in working with individuals during this stage of development. We will help you navigate through change, regain focus on what is most important to you, and find balance in your life.

Common Areas of Focus

      • Replace maladaptive coping mechanisms with healthier coping strategies
      • Heal through a breakup
      • Process trauma and manage symptoms of post-traumatic stress
      • Practice better self-care
      • Build self-esteem and feel more confident
      • Manage conflict and improve interpersonal communication skills
      • Understand family dynamics and establish healthy boundaries
      • Explore aspects of sexuality and gender identity
      • Clarify personal values
      • Explore career options or refine your career path
      • Improve academic performance

      Glenview Counseling Group has many highly trained and experienced young adult therapists on staff who are able to help. Please contact us at any time for more information or to make an appointment.